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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Fit Trip

Hello! been a while. so today i did the dumbest thing a guinea pig owner could ever do. (never ever do this!) i fed her sugar. she went all hyper and danced, it was funny though. i'd never have thought i would ever even think to do that! i was just being really stupid. please Don't repeat my actions. so recently, i put cuddles on a diet. one fourth a cup a day. it really helps. She has burnt a lot of fat and is getting less chubby. If you are concerned about your guinea pig getting fat. i suggest you put them on the same diet. and start training them. an easy thing to do is to train them to run up the stairs. i taught my pig to do it and she gets into shape by doing that. She also enjoys it! the way to do it is first. Put them on the bottom of the stairs, then gradually help push them up, when they get to the top, reward them.. then do it again. eventually they will get it and start doing it them selves. KEEP IN MIND... DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TEACH THEM TO CLIMB DOWN. IT IS BAD FOR THEIR BACK.  it can hurt them so very bad.

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